With the intention of getting back into some miniature diorama stuff, I picked up a Tamiya British Army Chieftain MK.5 tank kit. This is as far as I got…

Basic Construction

Not much to say here. Just a picture of some sprues. Could be any model really.


This is just a simple, flat application of some Tamiya XF-67 NATO Green to add a base colour and something for later paint to key to.

Adding Some Camouflage

Here I’ve sprayed on a few stripes of Tamiya XF-49 Khaki. Things are still pretty flat at this point, but this is really still just a basecoat. Hopefully with a bit of detailing it will all come together. The end-game here is to have this tank pretty grungy anyway.

Adding Some More Camouflage

Next I applied the “Hiding in an Irradiated Swamp” camo colours.

Alas, once again, a project looses the interest of it’s maker and languishes in a dusty box in the archives of despair.


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